Vodafone CallYa Flex: Re-assemble prepaid rate monthly

Vodafone CallYa Flex – With the Vodafone CallYa Flex prepaid card, prospective customers can assemble their tariffs themselves and choose from various options in the modular system. The new recombination is possible every month.

Vodafone CallYa Flex

The new CallYa Flex prepaid card is now available in Vodafone’s Onlineshop, where prospective customers can individually configure their tariff options. The selection is made by sliding sliders and can be changed every month. As with the other prepaid rates, the duration of the combinations is four weeks.

There are three different data packets and three options with different inclusion units as well as a Vodafone flat. In addition, both the free units and the data volumes can be reset. CallYa Flex customers can choose between 400 MB, 750 MB and 1.5 GB data packets. With the units for conversation minutes and SMS in all German networks 50, 150 and 400 units are available. The combination of 1.5 GB and 50 free units is bookable for 9.99 Euro (validity 4 weeks).

Individual prepaid rate

The optional Vodafone-Flat, with which unlimited call minutes and SMS in the German Vodafone network can be used, costs 2.99 euros and also has a validity of 4 weeks. The reset of the units packs with 1.49 euros to book, the recovery of the booked data option costs 4.99 euros.

The core feature of the new Vodafone CallYa Flex tariff is the CallYa Flex app, which allows customers to change their package schedules on a monthly basis, but are always up to date on how much they have already consumed from the options. Insight into the consumption is possible up to three months retroactively. The credit balances are made on request via the app and paid by PayPal, credit card, direct transfer or comfort charge by bank account.

Under www.vodafone.de the new CallYa Flex tariff can be booked immediately.



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