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Fotolia © vegeBeware of – The market watchdogs of consumer centers are warning against the Onlineshop The dealer informs his customers insufficiently about the origin and condition of his equipment.

Beware of

The core of the offense is the article description of the dealer, which only insufficiently indicates that the customer can not only receive new product, but also possibly second-hand equipment. The company tries to assure itself in its terms and conditions, in which it indicates that the offered products are usually as new, but this condition can not be assured. Therefore, the offers are precautionally declared as “used”.

“However, this is not enough. This is clearly missing the legally prescribed description of the state of the products themselves, “explains Maike Lück, legal representative for the digital world in the Consumer Center in Brandenburg. In this regard, consumer protection authorities have complaints from five federal states. The shop had delivered used equipment to customers, who felt stretched across the table.

Used equipment instead of virgin material

Another point of criticism is the fact that apparently does not own the offered products, but orders it only after the order has been received by third-party suppliers. “Consumers’ evidence indicates that the products are bought or purchased on online marketplaces, such as eBay, after receipt of the order,” it says. “The goods are then sent directly from the online marketplace to the customer.”

The “delivery of the goods to the customer by third-party suppliers” is also stated in the General Terms and Conditions. However, consumer protectionists see it as problematic that the dealer has no control over the actual condition of the equipment. Since the term “used” is very extensible, customers run the risk of obtaining an article that differs greatly from the general definition and is in bad condition . | pressureUA

High shipping costs upon withdrawal

If the ordered product does not meet the expectations, the next nasty surprise lurks during the withdrawal and the related return. This is usually to Hong Kong or Thailand – the cost of the postage, the customs and any taxes are borne by the customer.

“The business model is not transparent enough for consumers. When buying, it is neither clearly clear that the products sold are second-hand goods or that the goods originate from third-party suppliers. The reverse processing is just as problematic, “says Maike Lück.

Those who are already tapped into the trap can get help from the advice centers of the consumer centers. The nearest branch office is available on the consumer center website. “Consumers who have had similar experiences with online vendors can report their complaints to the market watchdog Digital World”, advises the consumer protectionists.

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