Galaxy S5: crash from airplane filmed by the smartphone itself

Galaxy S5 Video Bild The VergeGalaxy S5 crash from plane – The Samsung Galaxy S5 launched here in April 2014. In some reports, the smartphone was a poor processing quality. Now for over three years, a YopuTube video demonstrates the opposite. The Galaxy S5 protrudes from a plane and films itself.

Galaxy S5 survives crash from airplane

Meanwhile over three years have passed after Samsung has introduced the Galaxy S5. Shortly after the introduction, it has often been reported that the smartphone has inadequate processing quality.

The website The Verge has currently published a YouTube video with a somewhat curious output, which proves the contrary. The Galaxy S5 films itself during a fall from 300 meters height itself.


Advertisement for Samsung?

Apparently a Galaxy S5 was sucked out of an airplane to a US hobby movie maker. During the crash, the smartphone continues to film and you can recognize a few houses from the bird’s perspective before the smartphone crashes. The whole process takes only a few seconds before the S5 lands in the grass. According to the report, the Galaxy S5 should have survived the crash without major damage.

Only seven minutes later, people discover the device in the grass. “Here is your mobile phone,” said a finder of the device and “Wow, how has this landed here? This is not mine, “said a second person. “The video would be a” perfect commercial for Samsung “, according to The Verge in a comment.




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