Facebook: Spotify for Messenger and new news section and Marketplace

The Facebook Messenger team continues to work on improving the service, and the latest news is about introducing Spotify’s suggestions through the Smart Assistant M when a song is inserted into a conversation.

For example, if you are writing commands such as “play some music” or “listen to music” in Messenger, M will be able to launch “Find Music” in Spotify. Or if an artist is named, assistant M will ask users if they want to listen to it in Spotify.

A few months after the introduction of support at Spotify in Facebook Messenger, the integration of these two services has become increasingly strong and complete and developers have already announced that more innovations will be implemented in the future.

Always staying at Facebook Home, the Zuckerberg team has already launched a new Trending News section on iOS (recently introduced and available only in the United States for Android).

The new experiment consists in displaying ordered stories based on the number of likes, comments and shared gaps, then aggregated with each other according to the specific topic discussed.

Facebook has already announced that it has no control over what articles are displayed, limiting it to order them based on their “success” among users.

Finally, Facebook decided to add the Marketplace section even within the mobile application and thus offers the option of buying products, even at a discount.

These changes are part of a wider project by which Zuckerberg’s social network aims to manage more effectively the increasingly difficult world of news, all without ignoring the allegation of being part of or wanting to manipulate information.

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