Using smiley emoes at work exposes the risk of going stupid. Researcher Word

It has been scientifically demonstrated that smiles and more people like people but this “rule” may not even apply to the world of emotions.

A group of researchers from Amsterdam, Haifa, and Ben-Gurion universities, in fact, found that if you used smiles smiling during formal communications, colleagues and customers might be tempted to doubt your intelligence.

In essence, to say the researchers, unlike real smiles, those with emoji do not have the effect of increasing the perception of heat but of decreasing the sense of competence.

The study was conducted with 549 participants from 29 countries, to whom various work emails were sent anonymously to evaluate the author’s authority: those containing smirking emotions caused a negative reaction, and also the response message obtained was Was less rich in content.

The next time you have to send a formal communication, therefore, before using a smiling smiley think twice.



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