GOG.com: Gratisspiel und „Beuteboxen“ im neuen Sale

GOG.com: Gratisspiel und "Beuteboxen" in the new sale

GOG gives away the zombie platformer Deadlight for 46 hours in the revised directors cut edition as part of the Piñata sales, which allows the purchase of numerous games with price rebates until 21 August. The company is also trying to make use of the chance factor to sell more games.

Deadlight can be added free of charge by clicking on the action link on the GOG home page of your own library and then played permanently. A user account is required to participate in the promotion.

The platformer gives the players the task to survive after a zombie apocalypse in 1986. The family of the protagonist Randall has to be found again and to get rid of numerous hungry undead by sneaking or with weapons.

“Bootboxes” for video games

Not only games are sold in the context of the offer week: GOG also offers for about 2.70 euros Piñatas and thereby the principle of boot boxes to the benefit. Each “figure” contains a random game with a value between 5.39 and 39.89 euros, which were ” hand-picked ” according to the provider . This is how the FAQ of the action will reveal ” Beads like Pillars of Eternity, Shadow Warrior 2, Heroes of Might and Magic 5, Victor Vran [and] Saints Row 4 “. Any additional content such as DLCs or separately sold soundtracks are not included.

A list of all possible “profits” or details of the lottery remains GOG but guilty. The company simply announces that it will expand the lot offer, but it also writes: “when and which games will be, that remains a mystery.” However, a game of own ownership is considered, so users do not get double titles , If all titles of the action are already in possession, a notice should be given before the purchase of this fact. The content of the lot pool can be assessed by means of a list of users compiled so far, which lists the games so far obtained.

No transparent offer

Thus, the effect principle of boot boxes or classic microtransactions in video games is transferred to a video game sale – mechanisms and the (little transparent) approach of the offerer are much the same. Without a statistical evaluation, for which the time during the sales week is not sufficient, it is impossible to estimate whether the games in the piñatas are really worth their money or whether the offer is a good one despite the chance factor. This is probably not the case: many titles on the Piñata list have already been available for around three euros in the past.



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