OnePlus 3 (T): Android O will be the latest new Android version

OnePlus 3 (T): Android O will be the latest new Android version

Android updates are a hot topic at many manufacturers. At the latest since the rejected update on Android 7.0 for the OnePlus 2 (test) applies also for OnePlus. In a new entry in Forum, the Head of Product, Oliver Z., will be looking at upcoming updates for last year’s OnePlus 3 and 3T (Test) models.

Android O as the last version after less than two years

Since the OnePlus 5 is a new flagship in the starting holes, the software work on the predecessors are expected to go back as expected. The upcoming operating system version, currently still called Android O, will be the last one that OnePlus provides for the smartphones from last year.

On the market came the models with Android 6.0 from the year 2015. By the end of 2016, around four months after the release of Android 7.0, OnePlus distributed an update to the new version. If the update is released later this year, OnePlus has supplied the two models (3T) and one and a half years (3) with new software.

In addition, there will also be security patches for the ” foreseeable future “, but how long they will be provided is unclear. Before the new Android version appears, the security patch from August as well as in one to two months OxygenOS 4.5 for the 2016er models will appear.

Beta program only until Android O for 3 (T)

The Android-based OxygenOS, which OnePlus itself develops and uses, receives in the open beta program of the manufacturer about every month a new test version. This program currently runs only on OnePlus 3 (T), but after the update to Android O on the OnePlus 5 is swung around.

In addition, OnePlus makes it clear that the predecessors do not get all the features of the new top model because the read mode requires certain gestures and the calibration according to DCI-P3 is an RGB sensor, which only the OnePlus 5 has.



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