Android O: publication allegedly on August 21

Android O: Veröffentlichung angeblich am 21. August

Google probably released on August 21, the final version of its operating system Android O. This writes of the high hit rate at smartphone leaks well-known tech blogger Evan Blass on Twitter.

Thus, Android O appeared in the week of August 21st, probably even on August 21st:

At the end of July, Google released the last preview preview of Android O with its fourth Developer Preview. The final version, which will bear the version number 8.0.0, is announced for the third quarter.

“O” like “octopus”?

It is still unclear which name the operating system will bear. Easter Egg hid a floating octopus in Developer Preview. It can be found in the submenu “About the phone” in the Android settings. However, the octopus could deliberately mislead. After all, Google makes use of sweets when naming its Android versions.

Pixels and nexus first

The preview versions of Android O were available exclusively for pixels, pixels XL, pixels C, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X and Nexus Player. These should also be provided by Google with the new version as of August 21st. Owners of other smartphones and tablets have to practice themselves, as usual with Android, in patience.



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