LG V30: second-screen as widget and more always-on features

In the weekly rhythm, LG gives more details about the V30 smartphone. Now the manufacturer has confirmed weeks of rumors about the new UI, which will be an upgraded version of the G6 user interface. The LG UX 6.0+ stores the second screen of the V20 in a floating widget.

Because the V30 will no longer be equipped with a second display like the V20, but the full front is provided for the new six-inch P-OLED display, LG in the operating system had a new place for the second-screen Information. The result is a floating, half-transparent widget, which can be freely moved or completely hidden by the user. Then it rests on the screen, comparable to the edge functions of current Galaxy smartphones from Samsung.

For the V30, LG has also revised the always-on display, so that now more applications and optical details can be displayed on a black background. In addition to displaying the time, the UX 6.0+ now also supports access to important system tools, the music player and the display of photos.


New camera features

Especially for photos, LG has extended the manual mode of the camera by the “Graphy” tool. With Graphy, users can choose from professionally recorded photos and use their meta information as a preset for their own recording. These include white balance, shutter speed, aperture and ISO. Recently, LG has revealed details about the technical features of the camera of the V30. A menu for the main shooting modes of the V30 is designed to simplify access to these functions. GIF animations and videos can also be created quickly from the gallery.

Unlock with face or voice

When it comes to security, LG is committed to unlocking the V30 by facial recognition or speech recognition. To unlock the device via the face, the display does not have to be switched on before, but only to be held just before the user. When switching by voice command, users can choose their own combination of words, which, according to LG, consists of three to five syllables.

The presentation of the V30 is scheduled for 31 August at 9:00 am German time.




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