1 & 1 DSL tariffs: thanks to the change-over from 14.99 euro

1&1 erhöht Surfgeschwindigkeit1 & 1 DSL with changeover – The victory in this year’s connect Festnetz-Test celebrates 1 & 1 with an action for changeable new customers. Interested parties, who opt for a 1 & 1 DSL tariff and switch from another provider, receive 15 euros price advantage per month.

1 & 1 DSL with changeover

Interested parties can secure the 1 & 1 DSL tariffs for a short time at the preferential price and book already from 14.99 euro per month. This is made possible by a changer coupon amounting to 15 euros, which the provider provides for intermittent customers. In July 1 & 1 had won the fixed-line test of the magazine connect and now celebrates the victory with the action.

Customers who are currently contracting with a different supplier are considered to be a changer. In order to benefit from the bonus, a new 1 & 1 DSL contract has to be completed in the onlineshop and 1 & 1 with the termination of the old contract and the takeover of the call number. If these conditions are fulfilled, the provider will donate a discount of 15 euros per month and reduce the one-off technical fee from 69.95 euros to 49.95 euros.

1 & 1 donated changeover coupon

The rates 1 & 1 DSL 16, 1 & 1 DSL 50 and 1 & 1 DSL 100 participating in the action cost 29.99 Euro, 31.99 Euro and 34.99 Euro and are thanks to the exchange coupon for 14.99 Euro, 16.99 Euro and 19 , 99 euros per month.

The exchange coupon is valid for 24 months. If the cancellation is not terminated by the deadline, regular prices will be charged again from the 25th month. The 1 & 1 DSL tariffs each contain a language flatt in all German networks as well as a mobile data leaf with up to 16 Mbit / s, 50 Mbit / s and 100 Mbit / s.

At www.1und1.de, the promotion rates are now available.

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