Smarty, the virtual operator of Three who repays you for unexploited GBs (but only in UK)

In the eternal struggle between phone operators to get new customers and scamper them to opponents, virtual operators seem to be the future for all those “basic” customers who are mindful of the figures to spend; After TEN’s Kena Mobile and the likely Vodafone home response, three of her virtual operators are also called Smarty, and there is only – at the moment – in the UK.

In fact, Smarty is not available in Italy, with Tre being merged with Wind, but we also do the same to tell you the particular working mechanism of this new virtual operator (and let you pinch a clown, NdR). Smarty offers SMS and unlimited minutes to English numbers, but the real peculiarity concerns data traffic: except for the base tariff, all other plans (prepaid) provide a fair amount of GB and discounts based on data not consumed at the end of month.

You’ve read it well: if you do not consume all the GBs provided by your option, Smarty will allow you to get a proportional discount on the fee of the following month. The available plans are 4: Simple (500 MB, not included in the discount mechanism), Small (2 GB), Medium (6 GB), and Large (14 GB).

What about this Smarty proposal? Can not you see that something like this also arrives in Italy?
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