No Man & apos; s Sky: Game and vision are approaching

No Man's Sky: Spiel und Vision nähern sich an

The procedural space simulation No Man’s Sky is one of the most spectacular examples of exaggerated expectations and false promises – the discrepancy between preliminary statements and finished game was considerable. With Patch 1.3 “Atlas Rises” the developers reduce this difference.

The core of the update is the “Atlas Rises” story, a new interdimensional alien race, which is accompanied by a new context, a new quest system and a branching narrative. The abandoned portals can now also be activated. Lore and interaction possibilities should be twice as big or high as in the old version of the game and fill the world with much more life.

The galaxy system is also being revised. Star systems now have prosperity, economic and conflict levels, which provide an improved map. The developers want to have optimized navigation as well as orientation. Systems are now classified in terms of economic strengths and weaknesses. Together with other variables, new trade goods and a crafting system developed in this respect, this will bring more depth into the trading system.

The gameplay is also developed on a rudimentary level: With the update, players meet more varied worlds in more handsome graphics, to discover there are now crashed freighters and buried raw materials. These can be transported to the daylight with the new “terrain editing” approach for the multi-tool. The scanning of living creatures and the environment is also to be more rewarded and playfully more meaningful.

In addition, new “mission agents” are waiting for stations in the universe and on planets, which keep orders for procedures generously generated in different categories. If you like, the time can also get into a guild by joining. Any possible battles in space and on planets, according to the developers, can be influenced more by the capabilities of the pilot by better maneuverability. In addition, a new ship and numerous comfort options in the UI as well as the gameplay await players.

More multiplayer

Perhaps the biggest single innovation of the update is, however, the already promised release of the multiplayer mode, which has now been implemented at least rudimentarily. Up to 16 players are represented by floating balls and can actually see themselves, if they are in the same place in the universe. Communication is possible in the area by voice chat. Thus, it becomes possible to explore the universe together. The developers themselves make sure that only limited interaction options are available. It is a “first step into the world simultaneous Co-Op game” in No Man’s Sky, writes Hello Games.

The fact that the efforts of the developers pay off is reflected in the user evaluations slowly. Meanwhile, the reviews on Steam are again more friendly. However, the “largely negative” valuation section from the post-publication period could not be offset.

Extensive patchnotes on all major and minor innovations of “Atlas Rises” and the latest updates can be found on the homepage of the game as well as in the “Release log”. At the same time, the game on Steam can now be purchased at a discount of around € 24.



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