Blue Allnet 3 GB LTE + iPhone 6 mtl. 19,99 € + one time 1 €

Blue Allnet with iPhone 6 – The mobile phone discount Blau offers a real bang in the middle of the summer. The Blue Allnet 3 GB LTE or 4 GB LTE tariff is available with iPhone 6 32 GB in spacegrau under 20 Euro with only one euro surcharge.

Blue Allnet 3 GB LTE + iPhone 6

On the blue action page, the Blue Allnet L 3 GB LTE tariff with the iPhone 6 is offered as a very cheap bundle. For the Blue Allnet rate and the iPhone 6, the monthly basic fee is only 19.99 euros per month. While the one-off payment is only 1, – €.

Compared to the SIM-only rate is the monthly payment for the iPhone 6, during the 24-montiagen contract period, at monthly 5 euros. With a one-time payment and a basic fee, the iPhone 6 thus results in an effective price of 121 euros. At the price for the iPhone 6 without contract is around 390 euros.

IPhone 6 + Blue Allnet 4 GB LTE

For those who need even more data, the Discounter also has the Blue Allnet XL 4 GB LTE tariff with iPhone 6 on offer. With the Apple Top Smartphone, the basic price is € 21.99 per month and the one-time payment is also € 1.

Since the Blue Allnet 4 GB SIM-only tariff is offered for the price of 19.99 euros, the monthly payment is just two euros. Over the duration of 24 months for the iPhone 6 thus an effective price of 49 euros.

At, the two iPhone offers currently available.

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