All Controller: Universales Gamepad on kickstarter

All Controller: Universales Gamepad auf Kickstarter

A dedicated controller for each terminal: This is an untenable condition for the developers of the AllController. Analogue to the universal remote control, Digital Depth wants to bring a gamepad onto the market, which can flexibly be paired with various electronics. The funding was secured by crowdfunding campaign.

The design of the AllController mixes the most popular game gamepads. While the chassis is borrowing from the Xbox 360’s input device, which is also around 230 grams, the arrangement of the thumbsticks is based on the controller of the PlayStation 4. The layout is extended by two additional buttons on the inside of the handle recesses – an idea which the Xbox Elite Controller and The Razer Wildcat (Test) have paved the way. Instead of an Xbox button or touchpad, the free space in the center of the case is filled with a display.

A display for configuration

The display does not serve as an additional display here, but only the configuration of the AllController independently of an app or software. You can adjust the sensitivity of the triggers or the joysticks on-the-fly. In addition, it is possible to record macros, whereby key commands of a keyboard can also be integrated.

This variant is useful when the gamepad is used in fallback mode and emulates mouse and keyboard. The developers also want to enable the application even if a direct-input interface is not supported. Specially adapted hardware like the Steam Controller (Test) with its touchpads is not used with the All Controller.

The input device can be connected with iOS, Android and PCs under Windows and Linux. If an Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 are controlled, a separate dongle is assumed. Support for Nintendo’s Nintendo Wii, WiiU and the current switch should be submitted at a later date.

At the present time, the developer has already provided around 180,000 Canadian Dollars (CAD $) for 34 days, which means that the financing target has already been met by more than 200 percent. With the first additional target for which $ 300,000 ($ 200,400) will be added, the input device is also delivered with a gyroscope and acceleration sensor. When you reach $ 400,000 (~ € 267,000), an additional version is offered with the Thumbstick layout of the Xbox controller. 1,000,000 CAD $ (~ 668,000 euros) promise more internal memory. Even higher amounts are set for gamepads in colorful colors as well as a rechargeable battery with double capacity.

Supporters will receive an All Controller from $ 65 ($ 43) as a cable version, the wireless model with a runtime of up to 40 hours will cost $ 80 (~ $ 54). In addition, a further 27 euros will be charged for shipping to Germany and, if applicable, customs fees. Delivery is scheduled for May 2018.



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