Smartmi has a quot; conditioner 2.0 quot; Manageable through dedicated app

Inside a smart home there is certainly no “2.0 air conditioning”, and one of the latest proposals comes from Zhumi, the Mi Air Purifier manufacturer. At a quick, quick look, the Smartmi DC Inverter Air Conditioner looks like a unit like many other: sober but at the same time cured with the corners angulated.

The area where the air conditioner marks the generational change is that of the management, which will be through the Smartmi Air app through which to check the energy consumption statistics and set the desired temperature at 0.1 ° C intervals. To facilitate the less tech-addicted however the company will include a traditional remote control.

For the rest, the Smartmi Air Conditioner features a power output of 1.1 kW, a cooling capacity of 3500 W, a heating capacity of 4500 W and an air flow of 700 cubic meters per hour. In addition, the compressor is manufactured by Hitachi, the Nidec engine and other Panasonic components.

Smartmi Air Conditioner will earn the market at peak times, or 16 August, for a price of around 559 euros.



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