WhatsApp Business profiles appear in the service database

By analyzing the database extracted from the latest beta of WhatsApp (2.17.299) you can find some references to Business profiles, which we have already talked about other times. This could mean that changes in this direction might not be so far away.

For a long time, we have come to the arrival of Business Profiles for WhatsApp, certainly one of the most popular instant messaging services on Android and beyond; These would allow the monetization service and should be useful to companies that could use WhatsApp as a tool to support users and / or to run business deals.

As you can see in the image below, we find folders called “WA_BIZ_PROFILES”, which could contain emails, addresses, descriptions, and tags, and “WA_BIZ_PROFILES_WEBSITES” where to add details about profiles and websites.

Additional hints on the arrival of Business Features for WhatsApp: Otherwise, it would be a good way for the business to earn, especially after a year ago paying off the annual fee for private users.



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