Do you use app to block spam like Truecaller? Here’s what your data is doing

If you are often bombarded with unwanted calls trying to resubmit your subscription service, change operator, or sell you anything, then you’re likely to have an anti-spam application like Truecaller installed on your smartphone .

The app really works very well, we’ve also talked about it in depth: It’s actually able to block outbound calls from your blacklist or – and this is the most interesting feature – those from numbers reported as spammer by other users . It is also capable of identifying unknown phone numbers.

Since the service is free (there is a full-version subscription), how can they earn companies like Truecaller? Simply thanks to our data: a little controversial no?

The database is actually the millions of phone numbers of service users, it is part of the license agreements you are required to accept when you start the app. The privacy policy is in fact specified:

“You acknowledge and agree that all contact information shared with Truecaller is submitted for publication in the Truecaller database, for which a Publication Certificate has been issued. This certificate provides for constitutional protection under the Swedish fundamental law on freedom of expression. “

To be shared then will also be the contact information in your address book; This means that you may still be present in the Truecaller database even without ever installing the app. The company also, as you can read in the privacy policy, can pass, rather ironically, the numbers to the same companies that so irritate with their spam.

“Truecaller can also share personal information with third party advertisers, agencies, and networks. They can use information for analytical and marketing purposes, for example, to deliver targeted ads and improve products and services. “

Truecaller however provides a method, if you wish, to cancel the subscription to the service and exclude your number from being found in the database. To do this just follow this link after you disable your account. If you want to read more in detail the privacy policy you can follow this other link.

Do you use Truecaller or similar services to block calls and unwanted messages on your smartphone?



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