Overwatch: In the future with (Team) -Deathmatch and new card

Overwatch: Künftig mit (Team)-Deathmatch und neuer Karte

After Capture the Flag, Blizzard’s Overwatch now has two more game modes. In the course of a free update the modes Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch are integrated into the game. Obendrein there will be a new card.

Deathmatch refers to the game mode in the classical sense. A total of eight players are fighting to get 20 kills as quickly as possible. In the team-deathmatch, six are against six players and must have 30 kills. Mercury’s resurrection will be particularly important as it extracts kills from the total points of the opposing team.

Several cards have been adapted for the new game modes. Blizzard does not go into the details. It is assumed that the cards were slightly more open and not too strong for defense and attack. In addition, the Château de Guillard card will be available to the classic Deathmatch.

Both modes are currently in the PTR test phase. Interested players can register for the PTR (Public Test Realm). Like, Blizzard reveals in a separate blog entry.



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