Sony compensates Xperia XZ pre-order with sound system

Sony completes Xperia XZ pre-orderer – The oblique pre-order campaign around the Sony Xperia XZ Premium is more expensive for Sony than thought. Affected customers now compensate the company with a free sound system worth over 200 euros.

Sony Compensates Xperia XZ Pre-Orderer

With a pre-order campaign around the Xperia XZ Premium , Sony wanted to secure the favor of the buyers and promised them high-quality Bluetooth headphones as a free addition . Instead of the actual model, many customers, however, received a much more favorable variant and gave vent to their anger.

At the request of a customer, even the Consumer Center in Bavaria confirmed that the manufacturer’s approach was unacceptable. Consumers demanded affected customers to request the headphones they receive, in writing, and insist on compliance with the agreement . The incident apparently hit such high waves that Sony saw itself not only to an opinion, but also to a compensation .

Compensation for wrong headphones

The opinion states:

Dear customer,

With the pre-order for the Xperia ™ XZ Premium from Sony, we wanted to thank you for your loyalty. Due to the exceptionally high number of registration numbers that could not be foreseen, we were unable to supply the Sony MDR-100 ABN headphones to all pre-buyers since the supply was exhausted. As a result, we had to terminate the action earlier in accordance with our terms of participation. In order to meet the high demand nevertheless, we decided to open a second action with the Sony MDR-ZX770 BNB headphones from the 24.06.2017.

Customers who have made their registration before June 24, 2017, and still have the cheaper headphones, should contact Sony and connect their pre-order action number and their name to The company promises processing within 2 business days.

Soundsystem as compensation

The  Sony MHC-V11 One Box sound system is also sent free of charge and can also keep the Bluetooth headphones. The value of the system is around 220 euros, it offers a Bluetooth function, a CD and DVD player and a karaoke function.



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