TRI Analyzer is an accessory for most common medical diagnostic analyzes

Researchers from the  University of Illinois have been able to create a very interesting smartphone accessory, which could prove to be very useful in the medical field: we are talking about  TRI Analyzer , a device capable of holding you in the palm of your hand something similar to a medical lab .

The device, costing about $ 550, was built with a 3D printer and some skilled engineers: it can scan blood, saliva and urine samples simply by using the camera and flash of the smartphone.

The project director, Professor Brian Cunningham , says he is currently able to perform these three types of diagnostic tests, which are among the most common, but can be adapted in the future for thousands of other types of analysis, for example For those on drugs .

Such a device can help lower the costs of such tests, with obvious advantages for doctors and patients, especially for those who have difficulty in moving. By renouncing the purchase of more expensive equipment, many clinics, even small in size, could provide such services at lower prices.

If you want to know more about TRI Analyzer, you can refer to the project’s official site, accessible at this address.



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