Apps that have more impact on performance? This is said by a new Avast report? This is said by a new Avast report

It does not matter that you are using social applications, music streaming, cloud, or messaging, all of them variable, consuming battery power and affecting the performance of your smartphones. One of the most “expected” reports of each quarter is the Avast Android App Performance & Trend , which identifies which applications occupy the worst positions.

Results for Q1 2017 have recently been released, and what appears to be Google and Samsung applications , both those that automatically open at the start of the device, and those manually launched by the user, are a top-ranking command . The Mountain View company has eight applications in the list, while the Korean company is seven.

Among the apps that are launched at power up , Samsung AllShare gets the worst position, followed by ChatOn and Samsung Push Service . Google Talkback is a new entry in the rankings, and it seems like you consume a lot of battery since external applications rely on accessibility, even though this is not being used.

In the list of user-launched applications , Samsung is again in first place with WatchOn ; Among the new inputs to report ShareIt, Google Docs , Samsung Media Hub, Piano Tiles 2, while Clean Master is always present.

The massive presence of Google and Samsung is mainly due to the fact that most of their applications are pre-installed as bloatware ; Of course, Avast promotes its products like AVG Cleaner for device cleaning, but you can do the same thing manually and without external applications.




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