Telekom Premiereticket: iPhone pre-order starts

Telekom iPhone pre-orders – The new iPhone generation is already casting its shadow ahead and will soon be the first pre-order offerings of the network operators. According to a report, on 14 August 2017, Telekom will begin accepting the first pre-registrations.

Telecom iPhone pre-orders

According to a report from, on Monday, the 14th of August, 2017 Telekom will launch this year’s premier ticket, with which prospective customers can sign up for the new iPhone in advance. In contrast to the years before, the service is to be actively promoted this year and not just offered on concrete demand.

As usual, the Telekom does not name the iPhone by its name, but rewrites the action with “smartphone novelties”. Interested parties can register via the Premier Ticket and are informed as soon as known manufacturers introduce their “smartphone novelties”. With the start of the official pre-ordering phase the binding order is possible.


Premiered ticket with preferred delivery

Deutsche Telekom offers a preferred delivery to customers who have registered in advance via the Premier Ticket, and they prefer them to customers who have ordered tickets without a ticket. The sooner the premier ticket was used, the higher up the customer is in the delivery list and can look forward to his new smartphone sooner than others.

So far, Telekom is the first network operator to begin pre-order campaigns around the new iPhone generation. It is to be assumed that the other suppliers will follow shortly.

Further information is available from 14 August 2017 on





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