Sony preorder action: Cheaper headphones delivered as promised

Sony Vorbesteller-Aktion – As part of a pre-order campaign, Sony’s buyers of the Xperia XZ Premiumgratis promised Bluetooth headsets worth more than 200 euros. But instead of the promised model, several customers received significantly cheaper headphones. The Consumer Center in Bavaria thinks this is wrong.

Sony pre-order action

With an attractive pre-order campaign, Sony wanted to boost sales of the new premium smartphone Xperia XZ Premium . Those who decided to buy before the official launch of the device should be rewarded with free Bluetooth headsets worth 299 euros. Specifically, Sony wanted to give the preamplifiers the MDR-100ABN headphones.

Instead of the promised model, numerous pre-buyers, however, received the much more favorable  MDR-ZX770BN headphones, the value of which is around 100 euros below that of the  MDR-100ABN . The package was written by some users in the Forum, by declaring that the available quantity was not enough for all customers and for this reason the cheaper model was shipped.

Other headphones as indicated

The action started at the beginning of May 2017, at the end of June the AGB were adjusted in some points. Since then it was said that Sony is entitled to send the cheaper version, when the inventories are exhausted. However, this passage has not yet been applied to registrations before this date. Nevertheless, customers who made the registration in the beginning or mid-June have received in part the replacement headphones instead of the originally promised ones. There was no preliminary information, it says.

The consumer center in Bavaria is looking to the side of the customers and encourages them to demand the promised headphones. As reported by, the consumer protectionists believe that the amended GTCs are not valid for earlier orders and Sony can not avoid the more favorable models.

This means:

The Consumers’ Consortium is of the opinion that all pre-buyers who have fulfilled the conditions laid down in the conditions of participation have a right to the MDR-100ABN.

Although in the original version of the GTC, Sony had reserved the right to terminate the action prematurely, but had not spoken of evading significantly more favorable models. “The participants in the premium campaign would also rightly be certain that Sony has enough supplies. Sony is accordingly not entitled to deliver another headphone to fulfill the contract, “writes

Affected customers should, in the opinion of the Consumer Center, request a replacement delivery from Sony and send the letter by registered letter .



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