Galaxy Note 8 could be equipped with a pressure-intensive force-touch display

Galaxy Note 8 Bild Evan Blass über Twitter

Galaxy Note 8 with ForceTouch – In the current Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus) is already integrated a Homebutton, which reacts to pressure. According to reports, the pen-Phablet Galaxy Note, planned for 23 August, could be equipped with a complete print-intensive display – similar to a 3D touch in the iPhone.

Galaxy Note 8 with ForceTouch display?

With the Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus also launched the new pressure-intensive display “Force Touch”. By pressing differently on the screen different elements can be called.

Even the current Galaxy S8 has a pressure-intensive Homebutton, which replaces the physical button and allows a larger display. According to The Investor, the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 will have the same pressure-sensitive display.

Hidden menus can be accessed

Using ForceTouch or a 3D touch, hidden menus or shortcuts can be called, as well as replacing the physical home buttons like currently in the Galaxy S8. Only then was it possible to design a “full screen”. With ForceTouch, the smartphone responds to the level of user pressure.

With pressure-intensive displays, submenus can be called up and various quick-start options can be activated. It is assumed that these functions could be similar to the “Air Command Menu” for previous note models, which are opened with the S-Pen. Whether it is also possible with a print-intensive screen, for example, to paint on the display or to create notes, must be waited. The Galaxy Note 8 will be presented on August 23rd at a special unpacked event. The market launch is scheduled for 15 September. Cover image: Galaxy Note 8 Evan Blass over Twitter.


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