Attention with the iPad purchase: Offers partly misleading

IPad ProAttention at the iPad purchase – The consumer center North Rhine-Westphalia warns against purchase hastily alleged bargains around the Apple iPad Pro with 12.9 inches. The name similarity between the old and new model currently provides misleading offers.

Attention at the iPad purchase

Bargain hunters should not be hunted by supposedly good iPad Pro offers in the Bockshorn. As the Consumer Center North Rhine-Westphalia reports, the similarity between the old and the new model leads to confusion and so many customers on the slippery ice.

The problem was concretely in the Ebay account of, among other things, Apple dealers specialized dealers Gravis . The iPad Pro with 12.9 inch and 256 GB memory was available as part of a Wow offer for 849 euros, with the payment via PayPal should be deducted another 100 euros. Numerous bargain hunters and Apple fans beat.

Apple Tablet causes confusion

The model arriving at the customer, however, revealed his problems after unpacking. Instead of the new model, which was currently marketed by Apple, Gravis had offered the predecessor , which is no longer available at the manufacturer. “It was recognizable before the purchase only for those who had a keen eye on the technical data and knew the differences to the new model,” explain the consumer protectionists.

In contrast to the old model, the new iPad Pro with 12.9 inch has a faster chip, a better camera and a refresh rate of 120 Hz instead of 60 Hz . Despite the innovations the name of the successor was not changed and remained the same. A risk that prospective buyers should know about outside the Apple platform.

Gravis gives errors

Gravis is obviously aware of the unfortunate article description, the press admits that “the product description, which is prescribed by Apple, can irritate.”

Apple Pencil in iPad Pro Picture Apple

Furthermore, the consumer center says:

It is true that Gravis has changed advertising on the request of the Consumer Center. Nevertheless the shop in the small print continues to celebrate the supposedly “most powerful iPad”.
Astonishment also triggers another “digital Gravis idea”. The price of the old model shot after the WoW action from 849 euros to 1118.90 euros: 119.80 euros more than the new model in the manufacturer’s Apple store cost.

Mistakes widespread

The irritating article description of Gravis is not the only one of this kind. In a research, the consumer protection found numerous traders , the older iPad Pro with the superlatives “most powerful iPad” and similar advertised. Others mixed the data sheets of the two models or gave little information about the performance details, so it was not clear which variant actually was.

A particularly clever eBay seller wrote with his Vormodell stimulus words like “iPad Pro” and “2017” in the title. Only at the end of a long list of product details explained the offerer casually that the wiping computer was only “bought in March 2017”.

Consumers advise caution

If you are thinking about buying an iPad Pro, you should pay close attention to which model is offered to you. “Those who recently ordered an iPad Pro and are unsure should quickly compare the data sheets. After all, a purchase on the Internet can be revoked within 14 days, many traders grant 30 days of return, “the Council states.

Customers who bought their iPad Pro from a private provider are looking into the tube. “They do not have to grant a right of revocation. It is to be feared that vendors with inaccurate product descriptions (“new iPad-Pro 256 GB”) know this very precisely, “it says.



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