The cover AGCOM map is now optimized for mobile devices

A few days ago we talked about the new map provided by AGCOM, which shows the coverage and speed of fixed and mobile networks: an optimized version for smartphones and tablets is now available , though unfortunately it is not complete at least for now.

The new tool provided by AGCOM offers the ability to view regional or municipal statistics regarding speed and coverage of ADSL , FTTC and FTTH (broadband and ultra wideband) networks, though unfortunately there is no mobile network coverage , but present on the desktop map . The service also allows you to report any errors or inaccuracies that will be verified and corrected by the Authority.

If you want to take a look, you can find it by following the address If you want to know more about the coverage of mobile networks in Italy we suggest you to consult our in-depth information, accessible from the link below.



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