Google Glass version 2 available now

Google Glass – The 2015 Data Glasses Google Glass is celebrating its comeback in a revised version. The first models can be purchased from a dealer. However, the new model is aimed primarily at business customers.

Google Glass Version 1

With Google Glass , the search engine giant wanted to change the everyday life of many customers with a passion for technology. The glasses took pictures and videos from the field of view of the wearer via a small camera, transferred them to a front-of-the-eye display and provided additional information.

The enthusiasm of technology-savvy customers has caused many privacy and privacy concerns . The criticism was so loud that Google felt compelled to publish a code of conduct in 2014. At the beginning of 2015 the Google Glass was finally discontinued.

Data glasses available again

On the whole, the company did not want to put the data goggles on the market, but rather to improve them further and later bring them back into the market in a revised version. The Google Glass version 2, official name Glass Enterprise Edition, has been available again for a few days and can be ordered at first dealers for  1,550 euros . The delivery time is between 15 and 30 days.

However, the new Google Glass is targeted primarily at business customers and is linked to Streyes’ streaming service for businesses. Compared to its predecessor, the new model now has a 780 mAh battery , which should last up to one day, and over 2 GB of RAM . The internal memory is 32 GB . The display in front of the eye has been enlarged, the camera offers 5 megapixels and HD . Also on board are WLAN as well as a barometer, a magnetometer, a winker and blink sensor as well as a capacitive head sensor.



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