PlayStation 4: Firmware 5.0 brings family accounts

PlayStation 4: Firmware 5.0 brings family accounts

For the next large firmware version of the PlayStation 4, there is still no appearance, but thanks to the release notes, to which Eurogamer from its own sources could get, an overview of the most important improvements.

Family accounts

The account management is revised with version 5.0. For this purpose, family accounts are introduced, which can have several sub-accounts for adults and children. The accounts for adults have the possibility to grant children’s rights individually and to set rules. This makes it possible to determine which children’s account can use which kind of communication channels, which content can be viewed and how expensive or whether content can be bought. In addition, accounts on other consoles can be invited to the same family. To allow the management of the family group from the PC and smartphone, a new web app is introduced.

Interesting are the efforts from the aspect of a child-friendly console – with this argument, Sony had in the past, opposed to cross-platform multiplayer gaming. According to the proposed amendments, this is not primarily a claim for the protection of one’s own ecosystem.

News Feed

Similar to the system on the Xbox One and Windows 10, owners of a PlayStation 4 from firmware 5.0 can no longer only select, but follow all accounts. According to Patchnotes, Sony is justifying the move to “encourage more interactions and sharing content “. ” UGC [User Generated Content]viral potential is to make the feature palatable – entertaining clips or images should be widely distributed in the future as in social networks. It is also possible to choose between privacy settings, whether each user or only friends can follow their own activities.

In addition, Sony plans a series of small changes: The PlayStation 4 informed with the update in the fast menu about new notifications and the status of downloads or uploads. Notes on events are available via push notifications and viewer comments are output on the screen when streaming in VR mode.

For the PlayStation 4 Pro

Exclusive to the PlayStation 4 Pro is the possibility to stream scenes in 1080p at 60 FPS on Twitch.



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