Telefónica: Networks nationwide converted to uniform network identification

Telefónica uniform network identification – Telefónica has achieved an important milestone in the convergence of networks. As the company announced, the conversion to a uniform network detection in the GSM, UMTS and LTE networks was successfully completed.

Telefónica with uniform network identification

“The conversion to a nationwide network identification is  a further important step on the road to our new common network after national roaming – the opening of the networks of O 2 and E-Plus for all Telefónica Deutschland customers”, explains Cayetano Carbajo Martín, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Telefónica Germany. “By completing the recolouring process, we are now able to concentrate fully on the nationwide integration and optimization work so that more and more customers will benefit from the advantages of our common mobile network .”

In 2015, Telefónica had begun to open the   UMTS and GSM networks of O 2  and E-Plus and to make it accessible to customers of the other network operator in the framework of national roaming . In the further course, the network codes of the two networks were unified and converted to the former E-Plus network code. The start-up shot for the conversion took place over a year ago in Southern Germany; in the past months, the adjustment has been completed nationwide and successfully completed .

Network integration is progressing

Telefónica said that the network integration is still in full swing and is being consistently pursued. According to the plans, work is to be largely completed by the end of 2017 . “The resulting improvements in network performance will directly benefit customers in the course of the year,” it says. In addition, efforts are being made to improve the network quality.

Telefónica explains:

In the end, an optimal network infrastructure will be established, which is consistently oriented towards the benefit to the customer. The new shared mobile network of Telefónica Deutschland will use the best locations to improve the quality of care.



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