Apple investigated for possible breach of Qualcomm patents

The US International Trade Commission (ITC) announced an investigation into Apple ‘s alleged alleged violation of Qualcomm’s patents .

The accusations launched by the well-known chip maker include some models of the iPhone 7 , which would use an Intel modem rather than a Qualcomm: the use of this modem does not cause problems, but it is the way it has been implemented to do it.

The “dispute” between Apple and Qualcomm had already been opened last month when the chip maker had launched its intention to block the sale of iPhone in the United States. Intel and Samsung  some time ago had submitted a statement supporting the launch of a committee inquiry into Qualcomm licensing agreements, particularly in the case of violating FRAND (fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory) principles.

An important group of companies (including Alphabet , Microsoft , Amazon and Facebook ) is in this case Apple’s “support”: these argue that punishing such a (alleged) breach may harm consumers and the market in general.

Qualcomm is pleased with ITC’s decision to investigate Apple’s unfair business practices and the unauthorized import of Qualcomm patent products,” said  Don Rosenberg , executive vice president of the California based company. The story should be updated within about 45 days , the time it takes for the committee to conduct the investigations.




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