Nvidia recalls ShieldTables and Shield TVs

ShieldTable’s power plug – Nvidia recalls the ShieldTables and Shield TVs, as they are a risk of electric shock. Devices sold between 2014 and 2017 are affected.

Nvidia recalls power plug

Nvidia customers who use a Shield Tablet or Shield TV should check their power plugs. The company will recall the adapters that accompany the devices or which have been sold as spare parts. Devices sold between summer 2014 and 2017 are affected .

All information on the recall has summarized Nvidia on a special page and exchanges the connectors over this uncomplicated. However, only adapters valid for Europe are replaced, other plug types are not affected. “NVIDIA has determined that the two-pole Euro plug can break down, which can lead to the risk of electrical shock,” it says.

Europe adapter affected by recall

Nvida customers can find out if their model is affected by the recall by looking at the back of the connector. If so, Nvidia asks to register and sign up for the exchange. The company then sends in a few days a replacement plug , which is to be used instead of the potential dangerous.

The recall is voluntary and does not have to be compulsory. However, in view of the possible security risk , the faulty adapters should be replaced.




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