Action: Gear 360 and VR for 99 Euro with purchase of Galaxy S7 (edge)

Aktion: Gear 360 und VR für 99 Euro bei Kauf von Galaxy S7 (edge)

Until February 6, Samsung will allow customers who buy a Galaxy S7 or its edge variants or receive a contract conclusion or extension, the 360-degree Camera Gear 360 and the VR Glasses Gear VR for a total of 99 euros purchase.

The prices for the Gear VR and the Gear 360 are in the ComputerBase price comparison at around 56 euros respectively 269 euros – the savings is thus in theory at 226 euros.

The purchased smartphone must bear one of the EANs listed by Samsung in the Terms of Service (PDF) and the buyer is at least 18 years old. The smartphone must be registered on the action page no later than February 21, within 45 days customers will receive a voucher which entitles them to purchase one of the 20,000-piece product bundles for 99 euros. The vouchers are valid until April 23rd.



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