Telekom MagentaMobil S and M with higher data volume


Telekom MagentaMobil S and M – The revised Telekom MagentaMobil tariffs S and M are available in the onlineshop and can be booked with a higher data volume. At the same time, however, the network operator has also increased the monthly package price.

Telekom MagentaMobil S and M

In the Telekom’s Onlineshop, the two revised MagentaMobil tariffs S and M are now available, which the network operator has donated an improvement due to the action. The offers are always available with a voice and SMS flat in all German networks as well as a mobile data sheet and a HotSpot-Flat. In addition, EU roaming (including Switzerland) is included.

When booking until 6 November 2017, new customers in the MagentaMobil S and MagentaMobil M receive 1 GB extra each, which is available for the duration of the minimum contract term of 24 months. This increases the data volume in the MagentaMobil S to 2 GB per month and in the MagentaMobil to 4 GB per month.

More data volumes in contract grades

If termination is not terminated, the tariffs are extended by a further year. From the 25th month onwards, the amount of data then drops back to their original values. The MagentaMobil S is then 1 GB ready, the MagentaMobil M is 3 GB. The remaining MagentaMobil tariffs L and L + do not participate in the promotion and remain unchanged.


Prospective customers who book the two tariffs online pay € 28.75 and € 37.76 per month in the first 12 months, and € 34.95 and € 44.95 will be due from the second year. The combination with a smartphone is possible.

At the promotion rates are now available.

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