WhatsApp Payments: It looks like you will soon be able to make payments to your contacts

WhatsApp continues to introduce new features with a well-targeted look at the business world: it looks like the new beta version of application 2.17.29 downloadable through the Google Play Beta Program introduces support to WhatsApp Payments, a payment system that can be exploited by users.

At this time, functionality is not yet available and there is not much information yet, but it should be a system for transferring money through the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) system, from bank to bank: in short, users can send messages WhatsApp is also money for your contacts. The service should be available after all the other business thoughts will be available.

As you can see from the screenshot, to use this feature, users will have to accept WhatsApp Payments, Bank Terms, Privacy Policy. In short, it seems that WhatsApp is increasingly following the WeChat model, which in China already offers such services: a universal search tool, chats, and what seems to be coming soon for payments.



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