BLU phones return to Amazon after a false alert on their security

BLU’s nightmare was about to happen again this year. After an alert on a security breach of its phones, Amazon had decided to remove all models from its site. But everything is back in order after a denial by the manufacturer.

A few days ago, Amazon had decided to suspend the sale of BLU phones on its store. This decision was the result of a warning by Kryptowire regarding the phones. According to the latter, the devices were under the control of a spyware program that recovered data from users on servers located in China. Information that has just been denied by BLU, which has moreover convinced Amazon to propose the brand again on its website selling online.


In a statement, BLU said that every data collected on its devices is standard and basic. She further stated that this does not affect the confidentiality or security of users. After a discussion with the company, Amazon explained to Tom’s Hardware that it had decided to resell the BLU phones. But she was willing to withdraw them again if ever she received new information that her clients could be threatened again.

Last year, the Miami-based telephony company recognized that third-party software that it used for updates, unauthorized collection of messages, call logs and contacts from phones. A news that had aroused an outcry from users and that had tarnished the image of the brand.



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