Samsung would not expect to integrate a fingerprint sensor under the screen before the release of the Galaxy Note 9

The fingerprint sensors placed under the screen of smartphones are a true technological Arlesienne. While they were expected in the main high-end smartphones of this year – Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 tops, the manufacturers have all abandoned the idea because the technology is not yet reliable. Financial analysts today believe that Samsung will not integrate it on its phones until the middle of next year.

Do not wait for the fingerprint sensors placed under the screen before a long time. This is, in essence, what KGI analyst firm KGI says today that Samsung will not integrate them on its phones before the release of the Galaxy Note 9, If the Galaxy Note 8 does not explode) by August 2018. The report states:

Since Apple canceled the integration of a fingerprint sensor placed under the screen on the iPhone equipped with an OLED screen [the iPhone 8, NDLR] and that the Galaxy S9 will have new key features Like a better sensor with iris recognition and a dual photo sensor, Samsung does not need to rush to take the risk of integrating such a fingerprint sensor.

Galaxy Note 8: Samsung Galaxy Note: Samsung Galaxy Note

Sensors still too expensive and not reliable enough

We already know that neither the iPhone 8 – which would have a technology of facial recognition in place of Touch ID – nor the Galaxy Note 8 will have the technology this year. This explains why the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note 8 carry a fingerprint sensor placed awkwardly at the back of the phones. This also means that the Galaxy S9, which will probably be released in March 2018, will still have an “old” fingerprint sensor.



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