In Pokémon GO comes the last Legendary Bird: here is Zapdos

Niantic keeps on promises and so, after introducing Lugia, Articuno and Moltres, there’s another, the last one to be precise, Pokémon Leggings Bird : We welcome Zapdos .

Zapdos, for those who did not know it, is the First Generation Steering / Electro Legendary Pokémon and is now finally captivated by coaches who are seeing the appearance of a push notification that warns them of their availability directly in the curtain.

Capturing it, however, is not easy because you need to be able to find gyms nearby where a so-called ” Legendary Raid Battle ” is going on and take part in the battle with your friends.

It is clear, then, that it is not catchable by anyone, so that certain coaches will certainly not be able to include it in their Pokédex, at least not immediately. And you, have you ever been able to catch some Leggendario?



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