Amazon: FreeTime app for Android off Fire OS available

Amazon: FreeTime app for Android off Fire OS available

Amazon releases the binding of FreeTime to the in-house Fire tablets and offers the curated content for children now also within the FreeTime app for foreign Android smartphones and tablets. The range of functions is similar to that of your own devices; in addition to special content, there is also the new parent dashboard.

Those who wanted to use Amazon FreeTime so far had to buy one of the Fire tablets from Amazon or a Kindle. Through FreeTime, parents can limit the consumption of apps, media and other content to an age-appropriate level for their children. The content is curated by Amazon and graded age groups between three and twelve years. Parents can, among other things, set learning goals, set up usage times over the day, and set a fixed sleeping time, from which FreeTime and thus the terminal can no longer be used. In the test of the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition, this was mostly convincing.

Parental dashboard is included

The latest component of FreeTime is the parent dashboard that keeps parents up-to-date in their own back-ending behavior. The parents’ dashboard allows you to see exactly how many minutes the child has spent with which applications and what the total useful life is. Once the child closes an application, the data is synchronized with the parent dashboard through Amazon’s servers. The Parent Dashboard also provides background information about the content so parents can interact with their children and start offline activities.

FreeTime for Android

All these features are available now on Android devices, which are not from Amazon itself. So far, FreeTime was only available under Fire OS, the Android-based operating system for Amazon tablets, although Amazon does not use the name Android and deliberately forgoes Google Play certification in favor of its own store. FreeTime for Android is available for download on Google Play and can be installed from Android 5.0 Lollipop.

With FreeTime Unlimited, FreeTime can be supplemented by a content flat rate for age-appropriate content. FreeTime Unlimited is available in various packages, starting at 2.99 euros per month for prime members and one child. Without Prime membership, the price increases to 4.99 euros per month. For up to four children, FreeTime Unlimited costs 6.99 euros for Prime users and 9.99 euros without Prime subscription.



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