IPhone 7s Plus dummy from glass indicates inductive charge

Alleged iPhone 7s Plus dummy source 9to5MacIPhone 7s with glass back – The Apple iPhone S models were previously only improved smartphones of the respective predecessors. As for the design, Apple iPhone S models have not changed on the outside. With the iPhone 7s, however, this could change. A supposedly dummy dummy from the iPhone 7s Plus shows itself with a glass back.

IPhone 7s: Back of Glass?

The Apple with an iPhone s model makes a design change, would be a novelty. Visible changes to the case have never been made on iPhone s models. Only in the two-year period, Apple has so far iPhones updated externally.

Sonny Dickson has taken pictures of the alleged iPhone 7s Plus, which the website 9to5Mac has published. The photos show a housing back of glass. This reinforces the rumors of an inductive charging function.

Inductive charging function probable

A glass back was previously only expected for the Apple anniversary iPhone 8, but not for the iPhone 7s. Expected for the new S models was rather a very similar design to the iPhone 7. Another photo shows a missing antenna strip. It may be that the antenna strip is omitted because glass is used instead of aluminum that affects reception.

Compared to aluminum housings, a glass rear panel also allows a cordless charging function. The Apple will present three new iPhones with wireless charging this year, had already suspected analysts of KGI some time ago. If the pictures are not a fake, this assumption would be confirmed. However, Apple expert John Gruber assumes that this Fetaure will be available at a later date, for example by a software update. Cover image: 9to5Mac.



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