Light L16, here are the first 81-megapixel photos taken with the Android camera

Light has finally shown some high-resolution shots made with Light L16, Android-based Android smartphone camera, with 16 sensors with different focal lengths. The device can capture an image using up to 10 sensors at the same time to produce shots at a minimum resolution of 52 megapixels.

We’ve been talking about this camera for a long time, but Light has now opened its pre-orders and to show the potential of its product to its customers has shown on its site three high-resolution shots. It has to be said that none of the three images (depicting a portrait, a landscape, and an abandoned ship) has been captured in particularly complicated light conditions, although the latter has quite marked contrasts between lights and shadows.


The smallest image of the lot measures 53.3 megapixels, while the largest is 81 megapixels: certainly if you need to cut these shots you will have no problems of any kind. We suggest you zoom in on the pictures to get an idea of the room’s potential.

You can see other photos taken with Light L16 directly on the company website: do you like it?




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