Battlefield 1: Classes may soon become special

In an effort to give more tactical options to players in Battlefield 1 (Test), EA returns specializations for classes. The system from other shooters of the series is to be “soon” on the test servers for the PC to be rolled out and optimized there in a live test.

EA is currently planning general specializations as well as class-specific perks. They are supposed to create more “possibilities and diversity”, but not necessarily make the classes more powerful, the company explains. With the introduction of the system, players will only have the perks “Flak”, “Cover” and “Quick Regen” available. Further specializations have to be released about new challenges in the game.

First, 15 specializations can be used, which are listed in the following list. This is a “first selection”, which is to be expanded with updates. The impact of individual perks can also change in the test phase, because EA inter alia balances with the collected data and the feedback of the users.




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