Withings: Products will trade in the future under Nokia

Withings: Produkte firmieren in Zukunft unter Nokia

In April 2016, Nokia has taken over a provider of Wearables and Connected Health products with Withings. This has cost the Finnish manufacturer 170 million euros. To the MWC 2017 Nokia has announced a change of the strategy: Future Withings products will come under the name Nokia on the market.

New name and new app

The products include, in addition to wearables, networked health products such as scales, blood pressure monitors as well as cameras. The reason for the change lies in the Nokia brand, which stands for reliability and quality for many customers.

As a result, Nokia will also revise the associated Health-Mate app that bundles the data collected by Withings devices. Improve user guidance for the app and simplify the opportunity to share advances with family members. Also new training programs are introduced with the revision of the application.

Platform for data access by doctors

In addition, Nokia is launching a new platform called PatientCare, in which physicians can access the measured values of networked health products. The aim is to improve the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. According to Nokia, among other things, the National Health Service in Great Britain uses the platform together with 69,000 participants in a study on hypertension. This is intended to supplement the topic of knowledge and to test the usability of the data control for the reduction of hypertension.

New Nokia smartphones from HMD Global

Further news related to Nokia comes from smartphones: HMD Global, a company close to the manufacturer, is a licensee of the Nokia brand for smartphones and has presented the Android models Nokia 3 and 5 as well as the new edition of the 3310.



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