Dispute over roaming: vzbv prepares action against o2

Sky Ticket mit Live Fußball für o2 KundenRoaming – The Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband prepares a complaint against the network operator o2 because it does not automatically switch its customers to the EU roaming tariff applicable since 15 June 2017.


Already in early July, the Consumer Center of Saxony complained that o2 customers were not automatically converted to the roaming tariff applicable since 15 June 2017. The new EU tariff stipulates that the conditions valid in Germany can be used without additional roaming charges in EU countries.

O2 customers who used an alternative roaming option, ie a package with foreign contingents at the time of conversion, were not automatically converted, but had to and had to take action themselves if they wanted to use the new EU tariff. Specifically, an SMS must be sent for this purpose, after which the roaming package is deactivated and the EU tariff is set.

Vzbv prepares action

The Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverbands (vzbv) sees this as a breach of EU law and misleading in the sense of the Unfair Competition Law (UWG). “From the point of view of the vzbv, EU roaming is automatic and not only when consumers ask their telephone provider. We see it confirmed by public statements from the European Commission, “says Heiko Dünkel, legal representative at vzbv. “After an unsuccessful warning, the vzbv will now take legal action against O2.”

The vzbv wants to ensure that the EU-regulated roaming tariff is set up automatically and customers have to actively choose an alternative roaming package. The current approach, in which customers have to actively promote the EU tariff, is in the opinion of the consumer protection “not in line with the EU regulation”.

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