Microtransactions: Middle earth: shadow of war with booty boxes

Mikrotransaktionen: Mittelerde: Schatten des Krieges mit Beuteboxen

A single-player concept is no longer a shield against microtransactions (more): WB Games sells shadows of war in the middle of the game, including booty boxes and boosters. This development had already been suggested by the announcement of the game by pre-buyer bonuses.

How the game should generate additional revenue, the developers have now officially run in a blog entry. Over the playful market place orcs are offered for the own army as well as other items. Available are boot boxes, war boxes, bundles and boosters for experience points.

Boot boxes contain, as usual, equipment for the game figure as well as bonus experience points. Weapons and armor parts are in different degrees of rarity, whose combat value increases in parallel with their rarity. Warcocks use the same concept, but contain bonuses for the Orc army. They include trailers of varying rarity, as well as training commands that allow the customization of trailers and give them level-ups. Bundles contain both boxes and boosters.


A purchase is possible in the market place with two currencies. The basic currency is Mirian, which can be earned by killing treasure corks, dismantling equipment, and finding Mirian supplies in the game. The premium currency is gold, which is used to purchase higher-quality boosters and crates. Gold can be purchased through the PlayStation Store, the Xbox Store, or via the Steam Wallet to an unknown course. In addition, this currency is distributed for participation in community challenges and earned in “small quantities” when “specific milestones” are reached. Numbers does not call WB Games here.

Time savings as a purchase

The company emphasizes that everything “a player can buy with gold, can be earned free of charge in the game with time.” Exclusive content should not exist for paying players. However, purchasing in the marketplace gives “the opportunity to acquire items faster,” reducing “part of the extra time”, players with beating battles, hunting Nemesis opponents, completing quests, and conquering Orc fortresses. Gold therefore does not have any advantage, writes WB Games: “A player who invests enough time can go just as far and have access to the same content as a player who buys gold.”

In this way, the provider itself outlines why such a system can be potentially problematic. Whether such a system is actually fair in a (full-price) title depends primarily on how much stupid “grind”, ie how much additional time is required for the completely free game – and how much fun such a player experience still has holds; Theoretically, even in free-to-play games can save money by investing money. The system can only be assessed on the basis of the sales version of the game.



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