Connect: So good are the hotlines of broadband providers

© ExQuisine - Fotolia.comHotlines of the broadband providers – According to the hotlines of the mobile phone providers, the specialist magazine connect has examined the telephone customer support of broadband providers. The result: The best service is available at 1 & 1 and Vodafone.

Hotlines of broadband providers

In addition to the quality of the networks, the prices and inclusive services of the tariffs and the supply on site, the service also plays a role for many customers when it comes to choosing a provider. After the specialist magazine connect has tested the hotlines of the mobile phone providers in the spring, the service of broadband providers has now been reviewed.

To this end, 325 testers contacted the providers’ hotlines over several weeks, assessing the quality of the statements, the availability and the wait, the cost and the friendliness. 25 contacts were made per provider, and the points awarded were divided into different parts into the total result.

1 & 1 and Vodafone offer the best hotline support

The test went with 429 out of a total of 500 possible points at 1 & 1, the Provider secured itself thereby the testurteil “very good”. The testers praised the first class service and the good accessibility. The employees scored points for the tariff advice and helped with technical questions quickly and competently.

Just behind 1 & 1, Vodafone won the second place with 426 of 500 points. Again, the testers gave the overall judgment “very good”. The employees of the Düsseldorf network operator were able to increase the WLAN range, or to measure the ping times, with expertise, competence and good technical support. There was a point deduction: “Four times the test call remained unsuccessful even after a ten-minute wait and three attempts,” writes connect.

1 & 1 increases surf speed

Telekom and congstar ranked 3rd and 4th

Places 3 and 4 secured themselves the Telekom and their daughter congstar. The two providers received 414 and 409 from a total of 500 points and the test section “good”. The Telekom could assert itself well in terms of service at the hotline, it is. Customer orientation and willingness to help was the guiding principle for most of the employees, who, among other things, checked the firmware of the router for technical questions and sent additional support via e-mail. However, it turned out that some colleagues were ignorant about the subject of number porting. “Who wants to lose a customer to the competition?”, Assumes connect.

Congstar was characterized above all by a fast accessibility, on average the employees on the other end of the line took off after just 51 seconds. However, the hotline’s statements turned out to be non-existent; on some topics, employees had to inform themselves about what the ping value to be measured was. “The customer service of the Telekom subsidiary is not omniscient, but the fastest on the wire,” judges connect.

Unitymedia and Tele Columbus also “good”

The two cable operators Unitymedia and Tele Columbus also received the “good” test section, respectively, with 398 and 393 points. “Employees can not always provide comprehensive advice, but they are very friendly and attentive. Annoying, however, are the long waiting times, “says connect to the hotline service of Unitymedia. Tele Columbus employs a competent service team, but this seems to be too small. “Most of the agents do individual tariff counseling, are committed to questions,” it says. But: “With 25 call attempts were conducted only 14 discussions. Even after three attempts, and often ten minutes in the queue, there was no passing through. ”

Telefónica was not rated

An exception in the test was Telefónica, the company was not rated. The attack was caused by the crypto Trojan WannaCry, who was at the time of the test and caused a system failure at Telefónica. The DSL customer service system, used by the hotline, was cautiously lowered and could only be fully operational again on 24 May.

Telefoica E-Plus o2

“Connect was due to this major failure of the request from Telefónica Germany to take the O2 DSL hotline from the evaluation, as a lot of test calls fell into the relevant period and ran into void,” it says. “O2’s customer service has grown aside from this untowarded special case. The hotline employees were extremely friendly with the test calls, which were made outside of the system failure, but they were not completely convincing – especially with regard to technical questions such as the optimization of the system WLAN range or ping time. ”

The entire test is available at In addition to German suppliers, companies in Austria and Switzerland were also tested.




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