IPhone 8: Production pictures suggest new features

Alleged iPhone 8 display image slashleaksIPhone 8 Production pictures – Apple seems to have already started with the production of the iPhone 8, because first production pictures are currently dipped. The leaked components provide information about new features in the Apple anniversary smartphone.

IPhone 8: Manufacturing has begun

According to a tweet from Steve Hemmerstoffer aka OnLeaks, the Apple iPhone 8 could be presented on September 6th. The date is probably the result of previous invitations and previous appointments.

As already suspected of OnLeaks, are now first pictures of parts to the iPhone 8 dived. The website Slashleaks has published among other things a picture of the display, which gives information about the nearly borderless screen. In addition, Slashleaks has also developed a picture of a radiograph, not sure if it is a photo of the iPhone 8 or iPhone 7s.

Where does Apple place the fingerprint sensor?

If the photo from the display is not a fake, the iPhone 8 is equipped with a very narrow display frame. It assumes a diagonal of 5.8 inches. At the upper edge, various recesses, which are intended for sensors, can be seen. Probably also sits there the front camera, the Irisscanner and an infrared transmitter. It is not clear whether Apple will use an OLED or LCD display for the iPhone 8.

In the iPhone 7, the fingerprint sensor is still integrated in the Homebutton (Touch ID). For a long time it is puzzling where the sensor is placed in the iPhone 8. Up to now, it has been assumed that the biometric sensor is installed in the power button or on the rear panel. However, Apple could also completely forego a fingerprint sensor. The iPhone 8 is rumored to be Apple’s first smartphone with the possibility of wireless charging. Slashleaks has published a picture of an X-ray of the alleged iPhone 8 (or iPhone 7s?). The photo shows the Ladespule, which is placed in the middle. Cover image: Slashleaks.



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