Here’s how to block all unwanted vibrations on your Android smartphone

Online mobile advertising always finds new and imaginative ways to get noticed, often bothering users. In particular, a form of advertising gains the first position in the ranking of the most irritating ads: the vibrant ad.

Using the vibration Android API, this type of advertising attracts attention by vibrating the user’s smartphone without any notice. The problem has been known for a long time, but Google is taking a long time to find a solution. Only with Chrome version 60 the Mountain View company has finally solved this problem. However, Chrome 60 is currently only available in Beta, Dev and Canary versions.

Fortunately, some XDA users have found that there is a way to manually block the vibration of any Android application, without having to put the phone in silent mode. This means that you do not have to wait for an update from the developer, but you can do it yourself to solve this little annoyance.

You can follow the guide on our forum to find out how to do it – this is not particularly complicated. With a few steps using ADB and App Inspector, in fact, you can limit the android.permission.VIBRATE permission to an application of your choice, and solve the problem once and for all.

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