Telekom: Terminations because customers are not responding

TelekomTelecom cancellations – Deutsche Telekom is currently forced to cancel calls because customers are not responding to the announcements for the All-IP conversion. Between April and June, more than 20,000 customer connections were affected.

Telekom announcements for the All-IP conversion

The conversion of the in-house infrastructure to All-IP, which was begun in September 2014, is to be completed by 2018 according to Telekom’s plans. The company had been particularly critical in the first months of the changeover phase, because it expressed its intention to resign, and the process of the switchover led in some cases to longer downtimes.

Although the majority of customers have already been converted, Telekom still has to make a high number of redundancies. As the company told, more than 20,000 connections were terminated in the second quarter of 2017 alone. Mainly because the affected customers did not react to the attempts to make contact and the changeover notice.

Telecom customers do not react

“Contracts must be adapted as part of the IP migration as the performance spectrum changes. In the second quarter, this affected just over 20,000 customers, “says Telekom spokesman Andreas Fuchs. Since the service used by the customer will no longer be offered in the future, the connections must be terminated if the contact attempts do not react, it is said. Telekom calls this procedure “hard migration”

“You can not say anything about the motives of the customers, not to react.” Says Andreas Fuchs. Perhaps many stakeholders hope that their treaty will continue. Since, however, entire areas are converted to IP, this is no longer possible. However, only customers who use a PSTN / ISDN connection and whose contracts are due to expire in the coming months, Telekom said.




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