IPhone SE (2017) probably with faster processor

IPhone SE Picture focustaiwan twIPhone SE (2018) faster chipset – That Apple plans a new edition of the small 4-inch iPhone SE, circulated already in July. According to rumors, Apple is planning a reissue with better performance and equipment still in this or early next year, plan. Compared to the iPhone SE from 2016, the iPhone SE (2017) will be faster.

IPhone SE (2017) with faster processor

In a recent report by Geeky Gadgets is reported about a reissue of the iPhone SE. According to this, the iPhone SE 2017 should retain its previous appearance, but be better equipped.

According to a report from Focustaiwan, Apple will have the new edition of iPhone SE produced in India. In India, however, a market launch is planned for the beginning of next year. The info should come from insiders, who are familiar with this matter.

Apple A10 chip in the iPhone SE (2017)

As in the current iPhone 7, the iPhone SE (2017) the Apple A10 chipset is to be used. In the current iPhone SE still works the Apple A9 chipset. There is no statement about memory. The iPhone SE (2017) is planned with 32 or 128 gigabytes of internal memory. The battery capacity should be 1,700 mAh and pre-installed is probably iOS 11.

Otherwise, the equipment will be the same as the current iPhone SE. The new chip could boast 2 gigabytes of memory. According to the report of Geeky Gadgets a main camera is a 12-megapixel camera. The iPhone SE (2017) in the smallest memory variant will cost 399 euros, after all, 90 euros cheaper than the current basic version of the iPhone SE (2016).



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