In the era of smartphones are rising among young people depression and suicide

It is not easy to say exactly when the era of smartphones began , a time that many people find in January 9, 2007 , the day Steve Jobs presented the first iPhone.

Others believe it’s July 10, 2008 , when Apple launched the App Store, the date that starts with the era of smartphones.

Certainly the advent of these devices has made everyday life much simpler (just think about reminders or integrated satellite navigator), allowing you to deal with daily commitments with a valuable assistant in your pocket.

It seems, however, that the downside of the medal should not be underestimated: according to a report released by The Atlantic, in fact, in the age of smartphones have grown among adolescents cases of depression and suicide .

Jean M. Twenge, the author of this report, puts births between 1992 and 2012 in a group called iGen : these are the people who have been living in a company with Internet connection since birth.

Well, to say the iGen are more depressed than the Millennials: it seems that the ability to use smartphones from a small one has created the habit of connecting with friends digitally, thus losing human contact.

Finally, some statistics: an eight-year-old child who spends on social at least 10 hours a week is 56 times more likely to be unhappy than peers who use less social, if he spends on social between six and nine hours such a percentage Reduces to 47%. Parents are warned.



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